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Episode #23 Kathryn Elizabeth Clark: Hope in the Midst of Tragedy

Episode #23 Kathryn Elizabeth Clark: Hope in the Midst of Tragedy

March 22, 2018

How Do We Cling to Hope in the Midst of Tragedy?

What is God doing in our lives when we experience suffering?

How do we enter into one another's suffering well?

When we face tragedy how do we keep our hearts open to hope?

On today’s show, I have invited Kate Elizabeth Clark, author of the book, Where I End: A Story of Tragedy, Truth and Rebellious Hope

In 2009, Kate Clark was a wife and active mother of two living in Michigan when a tragic playground accident left her paralyzed from the neck down. After surgery for her injured spine, she was told that she would likely never walk again. Facing the possibility of a life without being able to hug her children, walk independently, or hold her husband’s hand, Kate prayed a prayer of rebellious hope and asked God for a miracle.

Today Kate will share her story hope, grief, suffering and miraculous recovery. Her story is a testimony that God is with us and faithful even in difficult circumstances.

A little bit about Kate:

Kate studied at the University of Michigan, Wayne State University, and Dallas Theological Seminary. With a background in psychology. She has spent much of the last twenty years working and writing for a nationwide Christian radio and counseling ministry. When she’s not writing, Kate enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking new recipes with her kids, and immersing herself in books. Kate, her husband John and their 2 kids. live in Wheaton, IL.

Find out more about Kate and her book at

Episode #22 Pete Scazzero: Becoming an Emotionally Healthy Adult

Episode #22 Pete Scazzero: Becoming an Emotionally Healthy Adult

March 8, 2018

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality



Episode #21 Marian Jordan Ellis: Survival Skills for Spiritual Wilderness

Episode #21 Marian Jordan Ellis: Survival Skills for Spiritual Wilderness

February 19, 2018

Survival Skills For Spiritual Wilderness


We will all enter spiritual wilderness seasons in our life. My guest today, Marian Jordan Ellis, author of the book, "Wilderness Skills For Women:  How to Survive Heartbreak and Other Full-Blown Meltdowns," and I will talk about wilderness seasons and survival skills.

The wilderness is when what you believe about God and your love for God is put to the test. Seasons where your faith in God is tested when things do not go as planned and you are faced with unmet desires.

When we are in the wilderness we often ask, "Is God good?"  "Does He love me?" "Does God have a good plan for my life?" "Can I trust God with my desires?" 

How do we trust God when we cannot see what the future holds?

What we often do not see is that on the other side of the wilderness is the promised land.  God is faithful and sovereign in our lives!!

Tune in and learn how to walk by faith, trust God when we cannot see, and battle voices telling us to bail on Jesus and turn back.


A little bit about Marian:

Marian Jordan Ellis is the founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries. In addition authoring wilderness skills for women, Marian has also authored "Sex and the city uncovered," and her latest book, "Stand." Marian is also a conference speaker and Bible teacher. She is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Marian lives in San Antonio with her husband Justin and their 3 kiddos, Andrew and Brenden, Sydney.

Visit Marian at

Purchase "Wilderness Skills for Women," on Amazon.

Episode #20 Joy Eshleman: Identifying Old Patterns and Getting Unstuck

Episode #20 Joy Eshleman: Identifying Old Patterns and Getting Unstuck

February 12, 2018

Do you ever find yourself repeating a behavior or continuing to make choices that are unhealthy, perhaps unproductive and that keep you stuck? Tune in as Joy and I discuss why hindsight is not always 20/20, why we may not be learning from our "mistakes," and how to gain insight that helps us grow.

Joy Eshleman is a licensed clinical professional counselor and has been in private practice for 23 years.  She is certified in Critical Incident Stress Management and her practice focus includes grief, trauma, loss and life adjustments.  Joy loves speaking encouragement to those who desire meaningful lives and healthy relationships.



Episode #19 Dr. Rosalie de Rosset: What makes a woman attractive?

Episode #19 Dr. Rosalie de Rosset: What makes a woman attractive?

January 29, 2018




What makes a woman attractive? What happened to the lost art of dignity and living as a dignified woman?

I just love this conversation with Dr. de Rosset!  She is a woman of great wisdom, wit, authenticity, intellect..... and dignity.

Culture portrays a very different version of what makes a woman attractive. We talk about what it means to stand out and live as a woman of dignity, not seeking pleasure at the expense of our minds and our character, and how it informs all of the choices we make. 

Dr. Rosalie de Rosset is a professor of literature, English and homiletics at Moody Bible Institute. She earned her M.A. in English from Northeastern Illinois University, M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Ph.D. in Language, Literacy, and Rhetoric from The University of Illinois at Chicago. In addition to teaching, she regularly appears on Moody Radio Network programs as a guest and co-host, and speaks at conferences and seminars. She lives on the northside of Chicago.

Episode #18  Jill Monaco:  Being Single, Freedom Coaching, and Forgiveness

Episode #18 Jill Monaco: Being Single, Freedom Coaching, and Forgiveness

January 22, 2018


Being Single, Freedom Coaching, and Forgiveness.

Tune in as my friend Jill Monaco and I talk about being single and ponder the question, Can contentment and longing for a mate coexist? Can we have purpose in our singleness?

And if you are married and tuning in, you probably have single friends in your life. Jill and I talk a bit about how to a respond when a friend shares their longing for a mate.

Then our conversation takes a turn and Jill shares about Freedom Coaching, specifically as it relates to forgiveness and how it produces freedom in our lives.



Thanks for tuning in!  I am so glad you are a part of the Living a Life Unleashed Listening audience. Please share this podcast with your friends and share your comments and reviews on Podbean and iTunes!

A bit about my guest, Jill:

Jill the founder and CEO of Jill Monaco Ministries, a nonprofit that publishes the online magazine, She is also the creator of the interactive program for singles,
From Looking To Loving: Find the Breakthrough You Need So You Can Have The Relationship You Want.

Jill just released her new book, The Freedom Coach Model: Encounter the presence of God and find freedom in Christ through powerful questions and listening prayers.

She is a certified Freedom Coach and loves helping people find freedom and purpose so they can live a life they love.

Find out more about Jill at


Episode #17 Anne Beiler of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels:Finding Purpose in Your Pain and the Power of Confession

Episode #17 Anne Beiler of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels:Finding Purpose in Your Pain and the Power of Confession

January 8, 2018



Finding Purpose in Your Pain and the Power of Confession.


You are in for a great conversation as I talk to Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels. On this episode Anne shares her journey of growth and transformation and how she lives a life unleashed. She talks about becoming a successful business woman (something she never set out to do) and how she found her purpose in her pain.

Anne shares the power of endurance in achieving your vision in life. We talk about how keeping secrets can kill us and how confession can lead to freedom. We also talk about a new organization Anne is launching, Broken Silence, whose mission is to help women find their voice and break free from the secrets that keep them stuck in pain, blame and shame.

You will be encouraged by tuning in!


A little bit about Anne:

Anne Beiler began twisting pretzels in 1987 and grew a single farmer’s market stand into Auntie Anne’s Inc., the world’s largest hand rolled soft pretzel franchise. Her professional success, however, was forged after years of darkness, depression, and despair brought on by the death of her nineteen-month-old daughter. Anne’s personal story and entrepreneurial insights have been featured on many television shows including Secret Millionaire, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Good Morning America. She has been highlighted in numerous publications such as Fortune Magazine, and Inc Magazine..  In 2005, Anne sold Auntie Anne’s and authored the business memoir, Twist of Faith. Today, she shares her inspirational message with audiences around the world.

Anne and her husband Jonas live in Texas and are parents to two daughters, both married, and proud grandparents to four grandchildren.

You can learn more about Anne on her website.

Thanks for tuning in!  Please rate us on iTunes and leave comments when you listen.

Episode #16 James Perkins: Set Yourself Up For Success in the New Year!

Episode #16 James Perkins: Set Yourself Up For Success in the New Year!

December 29, 2017









Set Yourself up For Success in the New Year!

As we embark on and embrace the new year ahead of us, I want you to be equipped to play full out and live fully into who you were created to be.  This is the year!  No holding back!  I am cheering you on in every way because you were created to THRIVE and make a lasting positive impact on those around you.

This podcast episode just might be one of my favorites. I have invited my good friend, James Perkins, to share about a tool he uses to position himself and his clients for growth and success in the new year called the "Year End Review Process."

THIS PROCESS IS AMAZING! I promise you will gain insight and traction to play full out on 2018.

He will walk you through the four-part Year End Review Process:

Part 1: Review and complete the past
Part 2: Embrace the past
Part 3: Looking to the future
Part 4: Maintain the momentum

Seriously, you are not going to want to miss this. The process will take an adequate amount of thought and time. After all, you are planning to have the best 2018 relationally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, vocationally...... So carve out time to thoughtfully and prayerfully work through this Year End Process. You will need to press pause several times throughout this podcast as you process, pray about and respond to the questions James guides you through.

For a link to the Year End Review questions, click here.

Let's make 2018 the best year ever!!!!!


A little bit about James Perkins:

James is a business mindset coach and counselor who is  passionate about helping people master their mindset. His specialty is working with aspiring entrepreneurs in helping them master their mindset so that they can make more income and more impact in their businesses by fulfilling their God given purpose. James spends his time coaching, developing online programs, and hosting transformational events and seminars that help people and entrepreneurs maximize their potential. He is married to his gorgeous wife Kamilah and they have a two year old named Avery affectionately known as baby hulk.

You can learn more about James, his brilliant one on one coaching, training seminars and more at


Episode #15 Jen Pollock Michel:Is it OK to Desire?

Episode #15 Jen Pollock Michel:Is it OK to Desire?

December 18, 2017



On today's episode I invited Jen Pollack Michel to talk about something I have often struggled with. Desire.

Is it OK to desire? What do we do with unmet desires? How do we know we have the "right" desires?

What about the message that Christianity can often unintentionally or intentionally send… that wanting is sinful and selfish? How do we know and follow God’s will rather than insisting on our own?

Jen and I also talk about how unexpressed desires can turn into bitterness and how when we protect ourselves from desires we do not experience the joys in life.

Listen in and be encouraged!

About Jen Pollock Michel

Jen Pollock Michel is a speaker, writer and author of the book, Teach Us to Want: Longing, Ambition, the Life of Faithand her second book, Keeping Place, Reflections on the Meaning of Home. She is also a contributor to articles for The gospel Coalition and Christianity Today.

Jen and her husband and five children live in Toronto.

You can purchase Jen's books on Amazon.

Episode #14 Sharon Swing: Life Mapping, Seeing God in Your Story.

Episode #14 Sharon Swing: Life Mapping, Seeing God in Your Story.

December 11, 2017


Life Mapping


On today's episode I talk with Sharon Swing about an incredibly valuable tool that helps you:

  • CLARIFY your desires

  • DISCERN how your life story impacts the way you live today and your choices for tomorrow
  • UNDERSTAND yourself and your part in God’s larger story

  • DECIDE what you might do to live a life that is a more full expression of who God created you to be

Listen in and learn more about how Life Mapping helps you see God's story in your story, providing fresh insight into your life to help you get unstuck, make new discoveries about yourself, and propel you into action. 


Sharon Swing is founder of Swing Consulting, Inc. and co-author of “Listen To My Life.” She is also co-founder of, an organization dedicated to helping people review their life stories as a means of growing spiritually and as a way to gain insights that are a catalyst to taking meaningful action in life, relationships, career, work and calling.


Check out the One Life Maps Website for more information on life mapping!
Use the code "unleashed" to get a 20% discount on the Listen to My Life Portfolio.

Grab a friend or small group and go through the life mapping process together!


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