Living a Life Unleashed Podcast

Episode #2 Lisa Haase:Shame and the Journey to Freedom

September 5, 2017


Hey guys!  I am SO thrilled to have Lisa Haase, a dear friend of mine for 20 years and a sister who has been super instrumental in my growth and transformation over the years, on the show.

She has helped me get unstuck in areas that carried shame for me and also helped me to live life more unhindered and unleashed. I get to share her with you today.

On this episode, Lisa and I talk about the importance of identifying the Core Root Issues in our lives that keep us stuck. Rejection, shame, abandonment to name a few. We talk about how anger, resentment, depression and anxiety, are emotions we experience that are indicators that there may be a core root issue that needs to be uncovered, addressed and healed so that we can live life more free and unleashed.


Lisa Haase is Founder and Chief Strategist of Rise Consulting International.  She is an industrious, creative, high-impact leader developing strategies to best steward existing and emerging resources.  She has 25 years of experience as a multi-site executive leader impacting the marketplace, ministry, non-profit sectors and academic institutions. 

Lisa has consulted both domestically and internationally the past 15 years and has created, chaired and developed senior leadership teams for organizations still achieving their missions today.  Lisa is passionate about caring for people in the process.  She is noted, by her clients and colleagues, for intentionally equipping, empowering and unleashing diverse groups of executive leaders, while identifying and investing in their next generation of emerging leaders.  Her techniques are designed to maximize their individual and team potential and the organization’s reach impacting their city, country, and the world.

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